In today’s job market, finding talent is an indispensable skill for any company. With whispers of the next recession still entering our thoughts and the new on demand mentality that the Millennials have brought into the workforce, it has made it ideal to pursue a just-in-time model for hiring new employees.  Building a close relationship with a skilled staffing agency can play a critical role in saving you time and money in the long term.  The following are 4 reasons why you should use a staffing agency:

  1. Decrease hiring and training costs

We hear all the time of the costs of hiring a new employee; but how much can it really be? Some experts have claimed that a new hire can cost as much as 1.5 times of the given salary. Using a staffing agency you avoid locking into a long term commitment of costs such as: remitting Canada Pension Plans, Employment Insurance premiums, and time taken away from other tasks in order to train. For businesses with limited budgets, the potential cost of a poor hiring decision can be additional stress on the resources.

  1. Provides flexibility

There has been an upwards trend in companies and candidates alike that want more flexibility in their employment. Staffing agencies can be a useful tool for companies that experience fluctuations in workloads throughout the year; whether it’s a seasonal worker, or temporary increase in volume of work for a specific project, they can provide a proven candidate with relevant skills and abilities quickly. Temporary workers can be called upon that day, replaced as needed, and let go just as quickly without wasting time and effort. This is one effective way to combat being over/under staffed.

  1. Employee evaluation

A bad hire can lead to higher turnover rates which equates to wasted dollars and time for the workforce. When you deal with a staffing agency, chances are high that the agency will be supplying a candidate that they have worked with before and has proven to be a reliable and hardworking person. This also provides the company the opportunity to passively evaluate the candidate to decide whether they suit the business enough to offer a full time position, or to simply allow the contract to end. It has become an efficient means to recruit and test employees before hiring.

  1. Deep talent pools and job knowledge

Staffing agencies spend a lot of time recruiting qualified active and passive candidates for various industries. Access to these deep networks of talent allow agencies to quickly find the top prospects that match the type of role you need filled. They have fostered the ability to place candidates into positions that have high person-job fit; measuring and understanding a candidate’s hard information and their match with the needs of a job. Additionally, recruiters focus on building credibility with hiring managers to assist in placing candidates that have a higher person-organization fit; placing a candidate that would fit in with a company’s culture, values, and objectives.