Recruiting issues

/Recruiting issues

Networking. It’s Not About You.

Networking can be a difficult process. For some, it can be like going to the dentist; you don’t want to let someone poke and prod you with little swords in your mouth while pleasantly reminding you that you need to floss more. But at the end of it, you have a sparkling smile. Networking is similar, learning how to do something that you may not like doing to help create opportunities for everyone involved. First of all, I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert at networking. I am more introverted and the concept of small talk with strangers is not appealing to me; I would almost prefer the dentist. However, that’s not to say [...]

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6 Seconds or Less | The Professional Resume

Scared. Excited. Stressed. We have all been there before…the job hunt. Mentally preparing yourself for the mind-numbing hours of scanning job boards, LinkedIn networking and relentlessly clicking “Apply” while in the back of your mind thinking “is anybody even reading these resumes?”. What’s even more overwhelming, when your resume does make it through the black hole of resume data bases, through the keyword software (yes they do exist!), and into the hands of an actual human; your resume has only 6 seconds to make an impression in a recruiters’ mind. It can be a rigorous process and the competition is trying to use their resume to shout ‘Hire Me’ louder than yours. Too often people get caught in the ideology [...]

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Interview Strategies for Leaders

To pull off a winning interview performance, having the basic skills required of the job and wearing your best suit are just not enough.  You must approach every meeting ready to demonstrate your talent and knowledge, with the ability to present yourself as an exceptional leader and a valuable asset.  It takes a well thought out strategy, proper mental preparation, and insight into the needs of the prospective employer.  In order to know what your strategy should be, which skills to emphasize, and how to present yourself, you have to know how you will be judged and how hiring decisions are made.  It is easy to fall into the trap of concentrating on what you think the employer is looking [...]

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A Staffing Agency and its Value

In today’s job market, finding talent is an indispensable skill for any company. With whispers of the next recession still entering our thoughts and the new on demand mentality that the Millennials have brought into the workforce, it has made it ideal to pursue a just-in-time model for hiring new employees.  Building a close relationship with a skilled staffing agency can play a critical role in saving you time and money in the long term.  The following are 4 reasons why you should use a staffing agency: Decrease hiring and training costs We hear all the time of the costs of hiring a new employee; but how much can it really be? Some experts have claimed that a new hire [...]

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