We support an inclusive environment

Phelpsgroup encourages an environment of inclusivity in our offices and recruitment practices. Diversity of all persons, whether in terms of race, colour, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, physical challenges, or marital or family status, is understood, respected, appreciated, and valued as qualities that enrich our collective working environment.

We recognize and appreciate that people are best served by institutions that fully reflect the diversity of the community it serves. We work with your current management strategies in an attempt to achieve equal representation, occupational distribution, fair pay and working conditions.

Women at Phelpsgroup

Founded by Valerie Phelps, Phelpsgroup has always been a forefront provider of equitable opportunities for women in the professional workplace. We believe in the power of a diverse working environment and recognize that innovative and influential leadership should be cultivated as a demonstration of our diverse hiring practices. By setting clear targets and continuing to recruit equal numbers of male and female candidates, Phelpsgroup is assured of meeting and exceeding its commitment to support gender diversity.