We are dedicated environmental leaders

At Phelpsgroup we believe that a clean earth is a valuable and finite resource and reducing our eco-footprint requires our constant attention. Through in-office recycling programs, an emphasis on waste reduction and energy consumption, we are dedicated to responsible environmental stewardship how ever possible. We hope to consistently implement new initiatives that keep Phelpsgroup at the forefront of environmental leadership in the corporate sector.

Additionally, our head office is located in the Simpson Tower in downtown Toronto. The Tower achieved a 96.5% diversion rate, which includes organics, from landfill. This diversion rate was quantified by a third party audit performed by C.D. Sonter Environmental International Alliance. This makes the tower a zero-waste facility.

We applaud the efforts of the Simpson Tower and our fellow tenants who are succeeding in this initiative. It’s just one more innovative program in which Phelpsgroup is pleased to play an active role.