Executive search

Phelpsgroup provides the highest quality, client-focused search services available.

This is our expertise. As a boutique firm, we deliver a high degree of personalized service, employ a systematic and rigorous approach, and offer the type of agility required in a rapidly changing environment. Phelpsgroup understands that placing a candidate into a leadership role on your team is a hugely important commitment, one that can seriously affect your short, medium and long term performance and success. You can count on executive search and recruitment services from us that are:

  • Personalized. We personalize our service by connecting with your vision, culture, structure, and leadership needs throughout the search process.
  • Systematic. Our systematic approach has evolved over 28 years of recruitment experience, resulting in timely sourcing of quality candidates.
  • Comprehensive. Our comprehensive approach includes: a proprietary database, extensive outreach, in-depth behavioural interviews, comprehensive reports, assessments, and 360⁰ referencing are all contributors to our comprehensive approach.
  • Agile. As a boutique firm, Phelpsgroup has the agility and commitment to recruit outstanding leaders while ensuring all avenues are exhausted and no stone is left unturned.
  • Focused. Our focused search services help identify talented candidates who will advance your mission and strategic direction. Our consultants will interact extensively with the Search Committee, providing regular guidance, insight, and market perspective as the search moves toward a successful hiring decision.

Over the course of our 28 year history, Phelpsgroup has placed many professionals and leaders within complex and progressive institutions. As a consequence we have a highly developed understanding of the challenges that institutions face, as well as the experience to creatively and effectively strategize in locating superior candidates with the competencies required for every organization.

Talent and Executive Search Services

  • C-Suite and Board Level Search Our C-suite and board searches successfully source and place the most exceptional individuals in all C and board level positions in a broad range of sectors.
  • Senior / Executive Level Search Our industry specialists are experts at recruiting and placing senior and executive level leaders prepared to bring momentum and innovation to your organization. Phelpsgroup recognizes the important function of these key players to the success of an organization.
  • Professional / Technical / Specialty Search We actively source and recruit for professional, technical or specialized positions. Phelpsgroup is able to meet the diverse placement needs of a wide range of niche sectors with the same commitment and accuracy as our top-level searches.

At Phelpsgroup, we are dedicated to identifying top quality talent, tailoring the recruitment approach to the specific needs of our clients and using leading-edge and innovative search techniques that enable us to source, recruit and retain leaders who will grow and develop with your organization for years to come.

Phelpsgroup believes in not only meeting, but exceeding expectations by tailoring each solution specifically to your unique situation.

We are proud of our diverse team of professional consultants, who are industry experts with widespread contacts within their specialized fields. This means we can provide each client with a superior level of precision search and recruitment for even the hardest positions to fill.

Executive Search & Recruitment Process

This initial phase lays a strong foundation for the rest of the search process: we pride ourselves on quality and communication. Being a boutique firm means we’re more nimble and flexible, with unparalleled turn-around times. Partnering with you, we develop a thorough understanding of the position and refine the profile of what an ideal, qualified candidate looks like to you. With your ideal hiring date in mind, the search objectives and timetables are finalized. Feel confident leaving the rest up to us!
Drawing from our unique and extensive cross-referenced network of industry contacts, creative outreach techniques and direct recruitment methods, our specialized industry consultants are experts at identifying potential candidates who may not be actively seeking other opportunities. Phelpsgroup stakes our reputation on total confidentiality which allows us access to the most qualified and sought-after candidates. Weekly reports keep you up-to-date on the progress of our search, so you’re always in the loop.
Our niche focus enables us unparalleled precision. With one point of contact between our consultants and the candidate, we make sure the best and most talented individuals are your first options. Our recruitment phase is done with the utmost professionalism, as we are acting on your behalf. Potential candidates are reviewed using a series of interviews, evaluations and psychometric assessments specifically developed by Phelpsgroup. Only candidates who have the competencies that completely align with our clients’ requirements are presented to the selection panel; we work together to ensure the most qualified and best suited ones move forward to the selection phase. Outstanding recruiting leads to outstanding results.
With 25 years of industry experience and knowledge, our senior consultants guide your selection panel through the recruitment process. Long and short list reviews paired with individual synopses provide a pool of talented candidates. Tailored and in depth reference checks verify the candidates qualifications while identifying strengths and areas for development. Final interviews provide further peace of mind and the confidence to ensure the best candidate is chosen. Our consultants are experts at identifying the perfect fit, providing assurance and objectivity without compromising the integrity of the search process. 
Seamless transition strategies are our strong suit. Our focused yet thorough approach to closing a search ensures the successful conversion of the selected candidate’s interest in the position. Once the final candidate is chosen, our senior consultant assists the panel with finalizing the terms and conditions of employment. We coordinate the issuing of the offer, the candidate’s acceptance and the verification of all relevant conditions related to the employment agreement. Together, we implement the transition strategy, which ensures both our client and the candidate a smooth changeover from their present organization to the new one.
Our impeccable track record gives us confidence. We have a 99% retention rate of executive search placements. Follow-up with our clients at the day-one, mid-point and long-term ranges confirms that our most important goal of client satisfaction is being met and exceeded. We guarantee the perfect fit and a level of service that is exemplary. In fact, we are so confident that should you determine that your placement’s job performance is unsatisfactory, we will replace the candidate within the first twelve (12) months.

Interim Management

Phelpsgroup’s interim management service provides senior- and board-level executives to organizations needing leadership on a flexible basis. Interim leaders provide immediate value to your organization. Whether to fill the gap left by a retiring executive or to provide direction for a specific project, our extensive network of contacts in a wide range of industries allows us to satisfy your interim recruiting needs with the same level of precision as our long-term placement services.