Leadership development

We have developed The Phelpsgroup Coaching method based on academic research and our own experience. This service is ideal for people who want to grow as leaders. We help by enhancing an understanding of personal strengths and development priorities, which equips people with the skills and tools to facilitate positive behavioural change. The Phelpsgroup Coaching method focuses on:

  • Enhancing Self Awareness: The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging and understanding it. The primary goal of our coaching process is to enhance self-awareness regarding strengths and development priorities.
  • Using Proven Techniques: Our coaching staff includes experienced psychologists who understand the principles and techniques required to facilitate sustained behavioural change and performance optimization.
  • Leveraging Assessment: Proven, reliable and valid assessments are an important component of our coaching process. They provide a valuable source of information regarding strengths and developmental needs. They also inform our approach to skills development. The Phelpsgroup 360 assessment can be completely customized to assess the leadership competencies most relevant to you or your organization.
  • Prioritizing the Coaching Relationship: The quality of relationship is critical to the success of the coaching engagement. We are skilled in creating positive, productive relationships with our clients that are built upon a foundation of trust and respect.
  • Implementing a Plan Moving Forward: We work collaboratively with you to either develop or inform existing plans, including recommended action steps to assist in achieving short, medium and long-term developmental goals and career objectives.

For the past two decades, Phelpsgroup has delivered exceptional coaching solutions to both the public and private sector. Our experienced coaching team is comprised of professionals who hold advanced degrees in psychology and/or certification through accredited coaching programs

The Phelpsgroup Coaching Team respects our clients’ requests for privacy. Many of our long-term clients will gladly provide referrals, but do request advanced notification. Therefore we ask that you contact us directly to initiate the referral process.