Phelpsgroup believes that honest business takes place in the open where a solid, trustworthy foundation lays the groundwork for a long-term professional relationship. Regular progress reports during every assignment, coupled with a commitment to open communication allow us to operate with the highest level of honesty and transparency.


As a boutique firm, our turn-around time is second to none. This nimble response makes us time-management experts, and our Direct Approach means the consultant who attends the initial meeting actively leads your projects fulfillment. Our high-impact recruitment, career management and career transition solutions allow you to focus on your portfolio as quickly as possible.


Integrity is woven throughout all aspects of Phelpsgroup business practices, from our commitment to valued diversity and environmental initiatives to our refusal to settle with average results. Our motivation stems from a principled and consistent business character that defines our reputation.


For 28+ years, quality-driven results have been the foundation of Phelpsgroup. More than two-thirds of our assignments are repeat engagements and referrals from existing clients. Our unparalleled retention rate means that quality remains at the centre of everything we do. Phelpsgroup exemplary level of service is proven as a Vendor of Record (VOR) for many large and complex organizations, including those within the Broader Public Sector.


Our enduring commitment to client satisfaction means we never drop the ball and the perfect fit for your company remains our long-term promise. Willing to guarantee our services, we adhere to a belief in employee empowerment, holding our organization to the highest standards of accountability.


Confidentiality is essential to our success with privacy procedures that adhere to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act