Job Seekers

Phelps Group will help you find a temporary or permanent position in Thunder Bay and in Northern Ontario, that aligns with your job preferences and work related competencies. Our professional staffing consultants connect with hiring managers throughout Northern Ontario every week to continually source and find you great job opportunities.

Working in a temporary staff capacity affords you many benefits:

Flexible work schedules: A flexible work schedule allows you to plan your home or study schedule around your work. You can choose a placement based on the number of hours, days of the week, or even seasons you wish to work.

Learn new skills: Phelps Group provides you with access to valuable, on-line training programs to expand/improve your skills or help you develop new ones.

Gain work experience: As a temporary employee at Phelps Group you can accumulate experience working in different positions and employment sectors. This allows you to expand your possibilities and become a more desirable and versatile candidate.

How to apply:

The Registration Process

1. Submit Your Resume: You can submit a resume to Phelps Group either in person or by email to . One of our Professional Recruiters will carefully review your skills and experience. All resumes are kept confidential.

2. Telephone Pre-Screen Interview: Once we have your resume in our hands, we will contact you by telephone to verify your job search priorities. If we are confident that we can help connect you with one of our client’s opportunities, you’ll be invited to an in-person interview.

3. Skills Assessment and Interview: At our office, you will be asked to complete a registration form followed by computerized assessments that will evaluate your current skills. After completion of the skills assessment, a meeting with a Phelps recruiter takes place to discuss your qualifications and work experience. Fill out our registration form.